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With the vision to make our society aware of the things going throughout the world eKhabarbat.com is our new beginning and we are here to serve the society with all types of News like Local, State, National and International updates going throughout the world.

eKhabarbat.com carries 5 years of experience in Journalism and a young team of Journalists.

In a world full of fake, biased and favored news we will be updating you with fair, unbiased and unfavored news with its true and fair view.

eKhabarbat.com is the youngest news updater in our mother tongue (Marathi).

In this fast-growing world, many of them can’t connect to the world and the happenings around them. Nowadays due to the rush, there’s lesser time to know the daily updates.

eKhabarbat.com gives you the important updates in time with just getting notified. So, let’s get connected to the world with eKhabarbat.com

Thank You!

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